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Scaling Hydrogen

February 23, 2022 Ted Flanigan
Flanigan's Eco-Logic
Scaling Hydrogen
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In this issue of Flanigan's Eco-Logic, Ted shares several stories on green hydrogen, including the Hydrogen Shot initiative to drive down the cost of clean hydrogen, a brand-new initiative to pipe green hydrogen into the Los Angeles Basin, plus green hydrogen projects in Spain and New Zealand. He also highlights federal funding for Amtrak, EV charging, and hydrogen through the the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, iron-air batteries, the U.S. Army's announcement to install a microgrid at every one of its 130 bases worldwide by 2035, rooftop community solar on Long Island, New York, and embodied carbon in buildings. 

Flanigan’s Eco-Logic: The Hydrogen Shot
The Angeles Link – Green Hydrogen for LA
Federal Funding for Amtrak, EV Charging, and Hydrogen
Green Hydrogen in Spain and New Zealand
100-Hour, Iron-Air Battery Storage
Army Green News
Rooftop Community Solar in New York
Embodied Carbon in Buildings